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在你的家里工作 时髦的公寓 当然可以很享受, but you cannot truly experience San Francisco without exploring the many wonderful attractions around 188bet体育平台的标志性的社区. Take a hike with us across 的 City as we traverse breathtaking vistas 和 oceanfront pathways on 10 of the best hikes in San Francisco… 和 one trail that nearly includes them all!





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A plethora of San Francisco’s premier hiking trails can be found within 的 City’s 1500-acre Presidio bordering 太平洋高地, 码头, 里士满区. 的 电池到悬崖小径 之间的 马歇尔的海滩贝克海滩 provides tremendous oceanfront glimpses 和 spectacular shots of the Golden Gate Bridge 和 Marin Headl和s on its wildflower-filled pathways. 一定要带一双好鞋, as the trails in this area have plenty of stunning staircases to climb, 包括著名的 砂梯子.





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定位在 要塞的 southeastern corner, this enchanting trail is popular with couples 和 those looking to find love. 的 relatively flat walking path is most well-known for Andy Goldsworthy’s 木线, a picturesque curving trail of tree trunks organized across the human-made urban forest. 在19世纪,美国.S. Army planted these beautiful eucalyptus trees that st和 tall across 的 Presidio today.


这个地区另一个不错的选择是 生态之路, which connects Arguello Gate to 的 要塞的 主要职位. This wilderness route crosses through habitats that include 草原, 红杉, 橡树, 松, 和野花. Popular stops along the way include the photo-ready 灵感点忽略 和 another stunning installation by Andy Goldsworthy known as 尖塔.






位于金门公园内的著名景点 188bet体育平台植物园, the park’s series of paths intersect multiple beautiful gardens, such as the 多汁的花园, 红杉树林花园, 加州本地花园, 花园的芬芳. 该地区的其他景点是 针叶树草坪, 古代植物走安第斯云森林.





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Although most tourists have historically driven (or taken a bus) to the top of the 922英尺高的山峰, you’ll miss out on the unique views 和 abundance of plants 和 wildlife present across the region. 幸运的是, 缓慢的街道 program has limited vehicle traffic to the summit, 你可以自由地探索这些小径, 草原, animals native to the hillside without interruption. 别忘了带一件风衣, as these steep 和 occasionally foggy hills can also warrant some of the strongest winds in 的 City!





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Possibly the most well-known network of trails in San Francisco, the northwest corner of SF provides unbelievable Golden Gate, 太平洋, 以及马林海岬的景观. 的 土地结束跟踪, 沿海路, 埃尔卡米诺德尔马小径 覆盖整个土地尽头地区,或“林狼点” as Spanish settlers named it for the “Lobos Marinos” or Sea Lions that inhabited the area. 这些岩石峭壁会带你到 密封的岩石海滩, 土地最终迷宫, 英里的岩石海滩 之间的 海水浴场荣誉军团勋章.





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Occasionally overlooked in the southern section of San Francisco, 格伦峡谷 是所有人都能欣赏的隐藏的宝石吗! 这个占地60英亩的保护区包含了步道, 小溪, 运动场地, 和野花, among a diverse foliage 和 vegetation ecosystem. 的 plentiful walkways across this vast canyon cut through the 格伦公园 neighborhood towards 双峰 with iconic glimpses of 苏特罗式塔.





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尽管很多 山苏特罗式 trails have been closed for safety purposes recently, this 广泛的网络 将于2021年3月重新开放. 被誉为邻近城市的绿洲 加州大学188bet体育平台分校的诗坛校园, 的 Reserve boasts five miles of public multi-use trails typically open year-round. 的 900-foot hill is San Francisco’s third tallest peak, 80-acre forest is riddled with eucalyptus that once covered the entire western side of 的 City.





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San Francisco’s highest peak can be found even further south in 的 City at the top of the 938-foot 戴维森山. 的 40-acre mountain park has no shortage of trails with unbelievable city views that are remarkable even on a foggy day. While this natural rain forest is covered in trails 和 spectacular vistas, 最受欢迎的景点可能是 大型跨 at the top of the mountain that can be seen from all around the city when it is lit up.

Bernal Heights公园





If you’re looking for an easy trail to walk with pets or friends of any skill level, Bernal Heights公园 has a one-mile looped trail with arguably the best SF skyline views in San Francisco. This not-so-hidden treasure st和s out south of 任务的区. Restored in 1980 to its natural grassl和 habitat, the project was one of the first of its kind 和 helped to usher in multiple other restoration projects across 的 City.





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科幻穿越市区的路 肯定不是每个人都适合的, but anyone is welcome to attempt this spectacular walking journey across San Francisco! 开始在 烛台点 并向西北蜿蜒穿过188bet体育平台, this 17-mile trail passes through most of the awesome hiking trails mentioned above. While this may be too much for most casual SF residents looking for some fresh air, this newly-constructed trail was officially unveiled to the public as part of 国家落后于日 2019年6月1日.