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188bet体育平台并不一定以冲浪闻名, 沙子, 或太阳, but moderate winter temperatures make for an excellent beach day this time of year. 最近,188bet体育平台专注于 188bet体育平台最宁静的地方 和 some of these lovely beaches offer a similar experience while others attract hoards of daily visitors. Let’s visit all the best beaches near San Francisco to see where you should plan your next seaside outing!





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San Francisco’s largest 和 most well-known beach is certainly the 3.5英里长的 海洋海滩 在城市的西部边缘. While the coastline typically receives plenty of fog rolling in from the Pacific Ocean, 冬天的天气往往是最晴朗的, 干旱, 和大多数风景如画. 虽然对一般的游泳者来说很危险, the cold water is one of the Bay Area’s top surfing spots 和 the beach is excellent for bonfires, 游戏, 或者遛狗. 附近著名的 悬崖上的房子海水浴场, this beach is one of multiple we will mention that is part of the 金门国家娱乐区.

英里的岩石 + 密封的岩石海滩




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如果你有兴趣去风景优美的地方 土地最终迷宫 from the 海水浴场 visitor center, each of these quaint beaches is also just over a mile hike. 而这条漫长的小径包括243级的下楼梯, the sunset views at each of these beaches are worth the effort.





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海崖‘s 中国的海滩 presents a clear glimpse at the 金门 Bridge from one of San Francisco’s most swanky neighborhoods. While small, this intimate setting is known for its immaculate 沙子, clear water, 和 rich history. In 淘金热 次, 中国的海滩 got its name from the Chinese fisherman who lived 和 worked around the area 和 helped to establish the practice as one of the city’s most important industries.

贝克海滩 + 马歇尔的海滩




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Two more popular 和 accessible beaches located southwest of the 金门 Bridge include the clothing-optional 贝克海滩马歇尔的海滩. 广受摄影师欢迎, each of these beaches attracts amateurs 和 professionals from all around the world looking to get their dream picture of the most famous bridge on the planet. 虽然晴天总是很拥挤, each of these spots should be seen by all tourists 和 residents of San Francisco.

Crissy Field




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The best place to enjoy soft 沙子 east of the 金门 is the 在克利斯菲尔德的东海滩. 这个标志性的 滨区 gem was only restored about 20 years ago 和 玩ed a pivotal role in WWI 和 WWII as a military airfield. 自2001年转型以来, Crissy Field has become a popular destination for locals 和 visitors alike to bike, 走, 游泳, 玩, 或者和你的四条腿的朋友一起玩. 附近的居民 玛丽娜湾公寓 生活离所有的行动只有几步之遥!





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The safest spot to take a dip in the San Francisco Bay is likely within the waters of the manmade protected cove at 俄罗斯山‘s 水上公园. 这个地标是 188bet体育平台海洋国家历史公园 和 was originally built to give San Francisco residents a place to safely 游泳 in calm water. 如果你想去游泳,或者看别人游泳, there are still large bleachers along the water for spectating. 可租的公寓在 1000年栗 也能让你一睹水湾的风采.





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While some fantastic beaches are located within the city limits of San Francisco, 你需要乘船游览附近所有最好的海滩. 天使岛 has a few beaches to choose from, but the best view is absolutely from 珠剂海滩. 虽然你需要抓住一个 渡船 得到1.徒步或骑自行车5英里, 珠剂海滩 provides a unique spectacle of the Bay Bridge, 城市的天际线, 金门, 以及两者之间的一切.





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If you want to test the waters on the other side of the bay, try Schoonmaker海滩 在索萨利托. This 沙子y beach with few waves is perfect for kids 和 pets 和 kayak 和 paddleboard rentals are available nearby. Take the 渡船 or make the trip across the bridge to this awesome beach!





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Arguably one of the most scenic locations in the entire Bay Area, Kirby湾 offers an unbelievable view of the 金门 Bridge 和 城市的天际线. 广受摄影师欢迎, 这里是订婚的最佳地点, 毕业舞会, 和毕业人员. Keep in mind that the trek to the cove is about a mile long 和 is steep!





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Another unique 和 scenic Sausalito beach in the Marin Headl和s is 黑金沙海滩. Aptly named for its dark 沙子, this beach can be found down a steep path not too far from 点Bonita灯塔. There is not much parking 和 the trail is steep so this beach is rarely crowded.





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就在这条路上还有一个很棒的地方 竞技沙滩. 这个风吹泻湖曾经由 巴里堡Cronkhite堡 but now offers a wonderful spot to have a picnic or fly kites. The nearby headl和s provide a wonderful glimpse of the beach with the 金门 和 Sutro Tower in the background





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如果你喜欢徒步旅行,那么 田纳西河谷 徒步旅行是一种必须的体验. Located deep within the 金门国家娱乐区 in the Marin Headl和s, 这片海滩需要步行3英里观赏风景. 然而, if you’re an even more experienced hiker there are plenty of fantastic trails up 和 around the nearby hills. 一旦你到达田纳西山谷海滩, you may not want to leave as this enclosed beach paradise is like no other.





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Our last Marin Country beach is the furthest from San Francisco on our list. 坐落在同名小镇, 缪尔海滩 is a wonderful spot to enjoy the Pacific Ocean waves crashing to shore. 一个宁静的海湾和泻湖, the historic beach is connected to a parking lot by a 450-foot long pedestrian bridge. The 缪尔海滩 Overlook also provides unbelievable views of the 雷斯岬半岛 和 the Pacific Ocean as it was originally used as a vantage point for invading warships.

快船湾 + 信风港海滩




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Easily the most hidden beach within San Francisco’s city limits, 信风港海滩 in 快船湾 适合划船、游泳和在沙滩上玩耍. This dog-friendly beach is certainly hard to find as it is tucked behind the road connecting 芳草岛 to 金银岛 就在海湾大桥旁边. 而188bet体育平台可能不是一个海滩小镇, each of these wonderful locations is open 和 available to all!